Our Business

We conduct technical analyses of databases and models, develop mine designs, optimised mine schedules and conduct (multi-disciplinary) mining studies for stakeholders in the mining industry. We are able to assist our resource and mining clients in progressing their study, start-up their project, improve their operating efficiency and/or reduce their risk profile.

Products & Services.

Scoping Study

Our scoping study is a unique, structured and proven approach that is central to how we work with you. It provides clarity through understanding.

Our approach engages technical, operational and managerial personnel in a workshop forum that allows the complexities and ambiguities of an operation to be presented and understood. We identify the ‘real issues’ that are limiting our clients ability to maximise the value of their resources.

At the conclusion of the scoping study, we present a concise status report which recommends a prioritised list of work packages to address the issues identified in the study.

Project Development

Managing exploration and mining operations is our business. We have accumulated a breadth of knowledge that spans the full lifecycle and all components of a mining operation.

Strategic Mines has the capability to assist you whether you are embarking on an identification, pre-feasibility or feasibility study.

Drawing on our combined experience we understand the intricacies of developing, managing and operating mines. We apply this knowledge to your project to ensure a robust operational business case is delivered.

Operational Strategy

Within any mining operation there are a number of components that need to work together. The detail within individual components is often recognised but the interplay between each is commonly misunderstood.

An effective operational strategy articulates not only the operational requirements of each component over the mine life, but how that component fits into the overarching business strategy.

Our end result is targeted at senior management. Strategic Mines delivers a cohesive, understandable and deliverable strategy for operating your mine.

Operational Readiness

An operational readiness plan encompasses all facets of your mining operation including the off-site support departments.

Strategic Mines understands that the size of the mine, the type of mining equipment, the processing plant and supporting infrastructure are key components to any resource project.

During construction, the operational team needs to be executing the operational readiness plan to enable an efficient and effective ramp-up to full capacity.

Production Efficiency

Production efficiency is derived by understanding the process capability of each system component and identifying the bottleneck.

Our approach focuses on ensuring each component of your mining production process is operating within a set of parameters, that when combined, produce a ‘whole of system’ benefit.

We know what production efficiency is about. We know the areas to target and exploit in order to deliver sustainable change.

Mine Site Design

Mine site design requires collaboration between all stakeholders in the operation.

Understanding the inevitable ‘trade-offs’ in mine site design is important to assess the impacts on costs, operational and business risks.

We work with you to ensure all the pieces fit together to deliver an efficient and effective mining operation.

Our People.

David Wandel


As the founding Director of Strategic Mines, David brings a wealth of experience, passion and commitment to each project. Prior to establishing Strategic Mines, David was BHP Billiton’s Mine Development Manager, delivering mine management and operational strategy for five consecutive iron ore mine expansion programs through the feasibility, execution and operational phases. David has spent more than 20 years working with both mining houses and mining contractors in various managerial and engineering roles.

Pat Cesare


Pat has more than 20 years experience in mine operations. Originally working in earth sciences/resource management, he specialises in team leadership, study management, business development and governance. Pat has concentrated on bulk and precious metal resource development and open pit mining in both Australia and Asia and continuously produced value-added results often in remote and difficult conditions. A Graduate and Fellow of Leadership Western Australia and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors..

Rodney Drown

Senior Mining Engineer

Rodney has more than 20 years’ experience in mine engineering across a range of commodities. He is a technical planning specialist with a proven track record in planning for specific market conditions and business scenarios, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. Rodney has experience in both project and management roles and has worked in open cut and underground environments. He has worked in Australia and South America.

Ross Richardson

Principal Mining Engineer

Ross has extensive mine planning technical expertise and a breadth of operational knowledge which enables him to quickly identify and analyse where the issues or opportunities lie. He has held a range of senior positions within the industry, from operational mine planning, contract management through to project evaluation and long-term strategic options.

Corey Rodgers

Senior Mining Engineer

Corey has more than 20 years’ experience in mine engineering across a range of commodities. He is a technical and operational specialist with a proven track record in planning for specific market conditions and business scenarios, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. Corey has experience in management, leadership, operational and technical roles within the open cut environment.

Lisa Cesare

Financial Controller

An experienced Certified Practice Accountant with a Bachelor Business (Accounting) from Monash University.  She has an extensive experience base, having worked in the resources, information technology and non-profit disability service industries. Skilled in Financial and Management Accounting in private and public listed companies. Lisa ensures our team of mining professionals can remain outcomes focused, while she looks after essential ‘back office’ duties.

Lisa Mills

Office Manager

Lisa has over 20 years of experience within various administrative positions. Skilled with developing and maintaining good relationships with both clients and staff she has a solid foundation for ensuring the smooth running of the ‘front of office’ duties and meeting all the necessary requests and expectations of our team of mining professionals and clients.

Skills & Abilities.

Our staff have tertiary graduate and post-graduate qualifications in mine engineering (BE), geology (BSc) and accounting (BBus & CPA) and Mineral Economics (MSc). Furthermore, our staff conduct professional development and maintain memberships of relevant organisations such as AusIMM, AICD and CPA Australia.

We know that mining companies need to maximise the value of their ore bodies.


We also know that can be easier said than done, because we’ve been there and we’ve seen it.


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