Decision makers may be presented with opportunities that require the consideration of a large volume of complex information from a variety of sources. At Strategic Mines, we believe that the best decisions are made when the implications are fully understood… and that’s why we created Eyemine.

What is Eyemine?

Eyemine is an analytical suite that can be used to provide comprehensive analysis of diverse mining data, translating complex datasets into actionable insights for informed decision-making.

How is Eyemine different?

Backed by over a century of experience and cost effective on or off-site support, Eyemine provides users with the ability to interact with their proprietary data for:

Robust manipulation
Flexible queries
Consistent and accurate analysis
Single source of truth
And much more

How can Eyemine help?

Eyemine gives users in any organisation the ability to view their data from different directions, better informing them to make real decisions.

Informing real decisions.

We know that mining companies need to maximise the value of their ore bodies.


We also know that can be easier said than done, because we’ve been there and we’ve seen it.


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