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Collectively the range of commodities we have worked on include precious metals, base metals and bulk commodities, incorporating the full range of open pit mining methods. Our team members have worked across the world including Australia, SE Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Our Partners.

We have found that the optimum outcome always requires a deep understanding of the orebody, which is where Strategic Mines always starts.

But we are also quick to point out when other specialists are needed to deliver a client’s full requirements. In those occasions we have often collaborated with, participated in, and co-ordinated multi-disciplinary teams to meet our client’s full requirements, on projects and studies of varying size, cost and complexity.

Some clients have a preferred set of SMEs for us to work with. But if required, we can introduce clients to a proven group of ‘like minded’ specialist consultancies and companies, whose expertise ranges across the mining value chain. We have previously worked with each of these teams, providing a level of familiarity that ensures we can ‘hit the ground running’.


We know that mining companies need to maximise the value of their ore bodies.


We also know that can be easier said than done, because we’ve been there and we’ve seen it.


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