EyeMine is our proprietary analytical suite, that leverages our collective 100+ years of industry experience to reveal the value drivers impacting your project. EyeMine can do this by providing a fully integrated analyses of DHDB, Resource & Reserve models, Mine Schedules and Production data – chemical, physical, spatial, temporal and financial. If its coded in a client’s model, then we can analyse it! Smart outputs allow follow-on ‘deep dive’ queries of the outputs. Hence, it is able to translate complex mining datasets into incisive, easy to understand information.

EyeMine Orebody Analytics
Most mining decisions require multi-dimensional considerations incorporating; technical merit, degree of difficulty, cost/margin impact and risk. The best decisions are those that combine these considerations with a clear understanding of their implications.

Integrated data management and manipulation means we spend more time considering the issues and available options and can present them in an easily digestible fashion.

EyeMine analysis provides a fast and clear depiction of the issues, threats and available options, so decision makers can make informed decisions, with a reduced risk exposure.


Find the options, reduce the risk, get value.

Data bases and models

Across the mining value chain from exploration to production.

Analysis and Insights

Our experience, assisted with the use of EyeMine.

Deep insights

The basis of sustainable and justifiable Options.

We know that mining companies need to maximise the value of their ore bodies.


We also know that can be easier said than done, because we’ve been there and we’ve seen it.


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